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Some of the reasons I play solo...

Posted by: Catfish
Date: Apr 3rd 2012 - 12:09:21
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Golden Rules For Ensemble Playing
by J. W. Swing

1. Everyone should play the same piece.

2. Stop at every repeat sign and discuss in detail whether to take the
repeat or not. The audience will love this a lot!

3. If you play a wrong note, give a nasty look to one of your partners.

4. Keep your fingering chart handy. You can always catch up with the

5. Carefully tune your instrument before playing. That way you can play
out of tune all night with a clear conscience.

6. Take your time turning pages.

7. The right note at the wrong time is a wrong note (and vice-versa).

8. If everyone gets lost except you, follow those who get lost.

9. Strive to get the maximum NPS (note per second). That way you gain the
admiration of the incompetent.

10. Markings for slurs, dynamics and ornaments should not be observed.
They are only there to embellish the score.

11. If a passage is difficult, slow down. If it's easy, speed it up.
Everything will work itself out in the end.

12. If you are completely lost, stop everyone and say, "I think we should

13. Happy are those who have not perfect pitch, for the kingdom of music
is theirs.

14. If the ensemble has to stop because of you, explain in detail why you
got lost. Everyone will be very interested.

15. A true interpretation is realized when there remains not one note of
the original.

16. When everyone else has finished playing, you should not play any notes
you have left.

17. A wrong note played timidly is a wrong note. A wrong note played with
authority is an interpretation.

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> Some of the reasons I play solo... - Catfish - Apr 3rd 2012 - 12:09:21
That is brilliant. - auntie - Apr 13th 2012 - 16:40:14

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